QuinStreet Boosts Marketing Performance and Revenue Results with Hiya Connect Branded Call. More revenue per lead and decreased agent costs

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"By ensuring that the customer sees exactly who’s attempting to contact them, we speak to a higher intent consumer, and our performance metrics back that up."
Tyler Orrell, Senior Director and General Manager of Call Center, QuinStreet


QuinStreet manages digital marketplaces across industries including insurance, home services, personal loans, banking, and credit cards.

QuinStreet is a pioneer in delivering online marketplace solutions to match searchers with brands. They provide consumers with the digital media they need to do their research and the businesses they run or represent with interested, opted-in consumers.



Mislabeled and Unidentified Calls Created Mistrust

QuinStreet responds to information requests in their marketplaces using phone calls and text messages. Yet, they struggled to get consumers to answer calls that were often mislabeled as telemarketing or spam calls, and unidentified calls created confusion and distrust with consumers. This below-par call performance hindered QuinStreet’s ability to meet lead volume and revenue goals.



Customers Trust QuinStreet’s Branded Calls

QuinStreet searched for call identity solutions across mobile carriers and found Hiya Connect Branded Call. After a trial period to prove effectiveness, the results they achieved were undeniable. Now, outgoing calls display the QuinStreet brand and a call reason so customers can easily decide whether or not they want to answer the phone to speak to an agent. Not only are they getting more people to answer calls, but the length and quality of those calls also improved and revenue per lead increased.


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