State of the Call

Hiya’s State of the Call report showcases the top trends and insights about the voice call, providing key learnings to businesses, carriers, device manufacturers, and consumers.

State of the Call in 2021

This is the most comprehensive report we have ever produced, combining our global data from more than 150 billion calls processed in 2020 with third-party market research from more than 300 businesses and 2,000 consumers. Businesses across all industries and carriers throughout the world can use the data and insights included in this report to improve their voice performance.

Below we have highlighted the top trends included in this year’s report. When you're done here, download the complete Hiya State of the Call Report. Or, take a look at the trends in the financial services sector in the State of the Call Impact Report for Financial Services.

Voice traffic skyrocketed in 2020 as consumers preferred voice over all other channels.

Voice traffic on the Hiya network increased 184% in 2020 as people made clear that they prefer the voice call over all other methods of communication.

Unwanted spam, fraud, and spoofing continue to degrade the performance of legitimate businesses trying to contact customers via voice call.

Hackers and fraudsters are spoofing legitimate businesses, leading to long-term negative impacts on voice performance.

Spam Calls per User per Month in 2020

of consumers knowingly received a spoof call in 2020


of businesses knew they had been spoofed


of consumers are suspicious of any calls coming from a business that has been spoofed

Scammers and hackers target everyone, making voice security essential for businesses, consumers, and carriers across the globe.

Who should fix the problem of spam and fraud calls?

Unidentified calls hamper business performance as consumer trust in unknown calls continues to erode.

Unidentified calls are going unanswered. Customers are missing important calls. And business results are declining.

Top 5 areas negatively impacted by not being able to reach customers by phone:

  1. Sales. 85% of retail companies reported negative impact on sales
  2. Productivity. Professionals in finance, healthcare, and sales/marketing reported productivity as most negatively impacted
  3. Customer satisfaction. IT & telecoms rank customer satisfaction as most negatively impacted
  4. Efficiency 
  5. Cash flow
"The unprecedented events of the past year 12 months mean the voice call has become an essential connection point for both businesses and the general public. At the same time, this crucial channel is being hijacked by hackers and scammers, exploiting our need to feel connected and informed. Everyone is negatively impacted by this surge of scam calls and it is time for wireless carriers, regulators, and businesses to tackle this issue before it escalates further.”   - Alex Algard, Hiya CEO

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